Estimating Services

As you are well aware, the fluctuation in work load for estimating can go from overwhelmed to searching for the next job to bid.  The importance of choosing projects which compliment your company’s strongest area of profitability, should be the first decision made whether to bid or pass in favor of other opportunities.  We can help with that by offering accurate estimating when you need it the most, complete with perceived pit-falls which would affect profitability and on-time delivery of the project, which should always be addressed prior to signing contracts.  We can fulfill that requirement without additional resources such as full time managers and offices, thus keeping costs at a minimum.

We come from a background of a vast variety of experience.  We offer estimating for all types of steel projects, including structural steel, industrial steel, miscellaneous steel, pressure vessels and major bridge projects such as plate girders, box girders, Trapezoidal tub girders, Orthotropic girders and Bascule Leafs.  This experience is backed up with certified estimating in accordance with the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).  We can also offer assistance with:

• Advance Bills.
• Mill or Service Center Purchasing.
• Subcontract Purchasing for Detailing, Erection or specialized Fabrication.
• Change Order and Request for Information submittal and pricing verification.
• Value Engineering.
• Scope of Work Evaluation vs. Quoted Price.
• In-Process budget verses work performed evaluation.
• Man-Hour, Shop and Field Budgets.
• Detailing / Shop Drawing Man-Hour Budgets.
• Raw Material / Fasteners / Equipment Budgets.
• Access to Engineering and Design / Calculations Budgets / Pricing where Required.
• Conduct market analysis in your area geared to direct sales targeting preferred types of fabrication, which tend to yield higher profit margins for your company.  The analysis can be made possible through confidential analysis of historical detailed records on results of past bids and completed projects.
• Review customer base to help assure consistent, responsible, professional relationships and assist in ongoing strategic planning. 
• Conduct project bid and change order reviews and ensure that contract terms and conditions, including exclusions and inclusions, are implemented.
• Facilitate and establish annual budgets to assure pre-engineered profit.  Provide measurable evaluation methods to monitor production, quality control, purchasing and inventory control to meet or exceed estimated projections.
• Control costs by focusing on fixed and variable costs and help improve the revenue and profitability targets in the annual budget.  Use the budget to analyze monthly variances and developed action plans for better control of the company’s break-even point and profitability.