Production Services

We can create specialized process and procedure requirements for complex projects and offer assistance in project management and guidance to your in-house staff for these same types of projects.  Further, we can assist you in accessing markets that you may believe to be too risky or lack first hand knowledge that could provide a higher degree of profitability.  Often high margin markets are avoided due to lack of first hand experience.  We can provide that level of confidence to venture into those high margin markets.

Assistance in the creation of :

  • Fabrication Plans
  • Distortion Control Procedures
  • Welding Process Procedures
  • Tooling Design
  • Operation Procedures
  • Punch and Drilling Procedures
  • CNC Procedures
  • CPM Schedules
  • Production Schedules that maintain milestone accountability
  • Personnel training

You name it, we have probably done or experienced it.

We are especially adept at efficient plant layout, specialized fabrication templates, jigs and organizing work flow for maximum efficiency.

As you are well aware, all projects offer a variety of positive money making possibilities and negative pitfalls that can be very costly.  We have experienced both of these and can help you maximize the positive possibilities and minimize the negative probabilities.

We can implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to evaluate process improvement and need for additional training or procedure modification.  Develop daily/weekly/monthly check systems for monitoring efficiency in shop operations.  Develop methods to vastly improve weld deposit rates, distortion control methods and lifting processes for loads exceeding shop capacities.  The assistance to manage project backlog and priorities and evaluate weekly and monthly production schedules leading to on-time project completion is also available.

Development and implementation Weld Procedure (WPS) to American Welding Society Standards is another aspect of our services, which can prove invaluable and profitable.