Manufacturing Engineering

With the many years of experience we have and the many varied components, structures and industries that we have been involved intimately with, we are able to offer the following itemized methods for improving the profitability of your project, before and after award.

1. Means and Methods.

a) Equipment available and any shortfalls which may need to be addressed and the related cost impacts.
b) Employee skills man-power levels and any shortfalls which may need to be addressed and the related cost impacts.
c) Materials required along with any specific long lead items that may require special attention.
d) Special tooling required in the production of the components to be manufactured.
e) Cost / Benefit analysis of means and methods, which would enable management to make a justified decision to proceed with the expenditure.
f) Examination of work-flow, through the manufacturing facility to ensure efficient through-put and profitability. If changes are not structurally possible, then advise of mitigating factors which would improve through-put.

2. Jigs and Fixtures.

a) Design, manufacture and cost of special jigs and fixtures, if required.
b) Justification of costs of special jigs and fixtures, if required, showing details of where and how cost savings would be achieved.

3. Equipment and Tooling Maintenance Procedures to Achieve Optimum Production Targets and Efficiencies.

a) Examination and review of existing equipment and tooling to evaluate the possibility of equipment failure and tooling shortfalls.
b) Institute procedures and timelines for the maintenance of equipment and tooling to reduce the incidence of equipment / tooling failures on lost time and hence loss of profitability.

4. Time and Motion Studies.

a) Provide on-site observation of typical job task related items to verify that the man-hours and equipment actually utilized match the estimating standard that is commonly used for arriving at the sell price for the component being manufactured.
b) Offer ideas and justifications for modifications to these typical job tasks that would be more cost efficient going forward. (The best ideas for improvement often come from the shop-floor; but very seldom make it to the management level

Design,  Manufacture and Commissioning of Prototype Machines and Equipment. 

We are able to confidentially design and manufacture proto-type machines and equipment for new methods of manufacturing existing components and new “widgets”. We can offer the following possibilities: -

a) Preliminary Prototype Design and Feasibility Study.
b) Preliminary Cost of Prototype.
c) Estimated Cost per Unit of Components Produced.
d) Estimated Equipment Cost Payback Period.
e) Production and Manufacture and Commissioning of Prototype Machines and Equipment.
f) Patent Submission Line Drawing Requirements.
g) Patent Submission “Step by Step” System Operation Description.
h)  Access to Patent Lawyers and / or Registration in the USA and Canada